Saturday, 17 September 2011

One Of The Best Day At Nirma

            Oh..  It was one of the best days at Niram (Niram University) . J  Hmm there was not anything special but still it was special day.  Actually,   we don’t have lectures on Saturday, today we had eliminations of drama, skit, Mime, mono acting etc. for vaudeville- the cultural festival of Nirma.  I participated in mime and skit.

 As usual I reached Nirma at 8:15, half an hour early J  today the environment was full of life. I seated outside B-block,  and I was listening song “tujme rab dikhta he…”   and I felt that birds on the sky were waving their wings according to music… oh  great !!! then I  clicked some pics in my mobile.  As it was too early campus was silent... but still it seemed to be full of life..   then one after one my group members of mime and skit came.. we had not done much preparation for skit or mime.. but still we were willing to show best of our talent..  in previous semester I had not participated in such events because I used to go to Rajkot-My sweet home, whenever there is holiday  but this time I  want to enjoy cultural festival.  I really enjoyed the audition of other participants, I wish if I had attended all cultural festivals and participated  J.

  And finaly our turn came.. we really enjoyed our performance… we will get result on Monday, but I think we be selected  as our performance was good haha..:-) then I spent time with couple of friends, I had good time with them..  J This is all I Wanted to share..

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