Monday, 13 May 2013

I Proposed Her

                      Yes, I have feeling for her. She is very beautiful. I don't realize time when she is with me. Everyone is jealous when she is with  me. When I walk with her, I know all Eyes watching  me!. I admit, I feel jealous when she is with someone else. We have been together for long time. We met, we departed, we had argument  but this happens in relationship right?!  I am obsessed with her. I work hard to get her, yes I do everything I can. She always have been friendly to me.  But I don’t understand why she wasn’t with me when I failed. I needed her to be on my side when I am lonely , but she was never there with me.

I wanted to have serious chat with her but no, she never wanted to be serious. Whatever it is I want her in my life. So once I asked her, rather I would say  I proposed her,
Yes I was on my knee Holding her hand ,
"Darling , would you like to spend whole life with me?"

She smiled, then she said…
"I understand your feelings, yes  I do.. But let me confess, If  I will be  always with you , then there will be no meaning of your life. You will have no purpose."

I asked her, "what do you mean? I really don’t  understand !  Are you asking me to forget you? If it is so then it is not possible for me, It isn’t  "

"No , no I am not asking you  to forget me. You just need to continue what you were doing. I will be with you time by time..."

"what do you mean by 'I need to continue what I was doing!' ??"

"set you target, Work hard , and focus on it… never ever think about the  outcome"

Ohh… she have read "Bhagvad Gita" !!
I have now no choice but to accept the reality .

Friends, I am sure you know  her, don’t you? 
Her name is SUCCESS

-Viral parekh