Monday, 14 November 2011

Your Little Effort May Bring A Lot of Joy for someone

Yesterday I had last viva. As usual after completing the viva I came out of Nirma and was searching for Auto riksha. Journey from Nirma to Gota in that auto have taught me a lot...

I used to use autoriksha almost everyday when I miss AMTS :-)  about  one year ago when I was in auto I noticed  that I have seated in the same auto many time. so, Naturally The face of  Driver seemed familiar. I asked driver his name, He replied carlessly "Baldev".

After a year , yesterday Again I was in BaldevBhai's Auto, I recognized him..
So, I asked "Kem chho BaldevBhai?"....  He was very surprised to hear his name... he asked me how do i know his name..? I smiled and replied, "Its been Three years that I used to travel by your auto :-)"

He was very happy, he told me that.. it was first time that any passenger called him by name..:-)

Likewise little care, friendly behaviour can make your life pleasent :-)